Adam Sandler’s Wife: They Have Been Together for Over 20 Years

I enjoy watching movies starring Adam Sandler. Most of the time he plays extremely funny characters in comedy films.

Adam’s personal life is going as good as his Hollywood career. Unlike some of the other actors, he did not have hundreds of partners. In 1999, Adam starred in the movie Big Daddy.

This comedy film featured Jacqueline Samantha Titone (Jackie), who was 8 years younger than Sandler. They started dating before the movie came out in 1999. Eventually, the couple fell in love with each other.

Jackie Sandler was born into a rich family of Italian descent. Both of her parents were lawyers. At first, Jackie wanted to be a model. She did not succeed in the fashion world but became an actress.

Adam and Jackie had been dating for almost 4 years before they decided to marry. The only obstacle was that the couple had different faiths. Adam grew up in a Jewish family while Jackie was a Catholic.

For the sake of her beloved, the girl decided to change her faith and converted to Judaism. In 2003, Adam and Jackie finally married.

They got married in Malibu. There were many famous celebrities at their wedding ceremony, including Dustin Hoffman, Rob Schneider, Jennifer Aniston, and Sharon Osborne.

Three years later, the celebrity couple had a long-awaited child. Jackie Sandler gave birth to a girl Sadie Madison. Two years later, Adam became a dad for the second time. Jackie gave birth to a daughter Sunny Madeline Sandler.

Nowadays, according to Zoomboola, Adam Sandler is 53 years old while his wife is 45. There are not many details regarding his upcoming films yet. According to rumors, the actor will star in several Netflix films that are scheduled to release in 2021.