Actresses banned from nightclubs

Such a list of actresses indeed exists, but it small. As a rule, the nightclub administration tries to smooth any conflicts involving celebrities in order not to ruin anyone’s reputation.

Paris Hilton

She’s forever banned from one of the Miami nightclubs, as Zoomboola says. A while ago, she was there with her husband. The DJ was playing nothing but techno music, which the actress hated.

Hilton decided to ask if they could put on Black Eyed Peas or Madonna, but her request was denied. It is not clear what specifically bothered the DJ, but soon his guard showed up and asked the actress to move away. Unable to stand aside and watch his wife being insulted, her husband chimed in.

A scuffle ensued, as a result of which the nightclub administration called the police. They managed to avoid getting arrested, but the couple was asked to leave. Worth noting, there was a time when Hilton was even paid to visit a nightclub, if only for 10 minutes. Times change.

Amanda Bynes

She got permanently banned from one of the Los Angeles nightclubs. The reason for this was a quarrel between Byncy and Hilton. Amanda wanted to join the clique of Paris. The latter hated the idea and told Byncy to go away. Mutual insults ensued, and Hilton kicked Amanda out of the VIP zone.

Prior to this incident, Bynes underwent treatment in a psychiatric hospital. But she was discharged and the doctors said she posed no threat to others. Perhaps the time she had spent in the clinic was what provoked such unreasonable behavior on her part.