Birth of a supernova: children who may supersede the current celebrities

Sophie Turner

A 23-year-old actress is known by many thanks to Game of Thrones. But, according to Zoomboola, she has also starred in other equally popular films, such as Barely Lethal. Being in the cast of X-Men further added to her popularity.

Chloë Moretz

This girl is only 19 years old, but she has already starred in many youth movies. Her first appearance was in the TV series The Protector in 2004, after which she received a lot of invitations. Perhaps she will supersede some of today’s popular actresses in the future.

Dakota Fanning

This is the very same girl from War of the Worlds. She’s 24 now, and she’s managed to star in many movies, such as Very Good Girls.

Elle Fanning

She made her first appearance when she was only 2 years old. Elle played the role of her own sister Dakota in infancy. After that, her acting career kept on surging. The role of Princess Aurora in Maleficent was the 26th for her. With such solid experience and variety of roles, it’s not long until her popularity peaks.

Douglas Booth

What brought the young 23-year-old actor great fame was the TV series Great Expectations. The role yielded several lucrative contracts. In addition, Booth won the hearts of female viewers.\

Dylan O’Brien

He gained great popularity after starring in The Maze Runner. A young and promising actor, O’Brien was also in the cast of the TV series Teen Wolf.

Will Poulter

Another actor who owes his fame to The Maze Runner. Starring in the movie Hostile also added to his popularity.