Celebrities who could have a different profession

Many believe that acting is a vocation. But, as seen from the lives of celebrities, this is not always the case. Some stars would love to do other things.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

In the case of Arnold, everything is ambiguous. On the one hand, he is very famous. He is known and loved in all countries. But on the other, he is not quite an actor. Arnold is more a bodybuilder.If he had not played a movie role, he could have achieved a wonderful sports career. If you look at Schwarzenegger differently, he is also a politician. Multifaceted personality.

Jennifer Aniston is an artist

As Jennifer herself declared, she loves to painting. She mainly paints landscapes. Nobody knows what would have happened if she did not decide to act in films? Perhaps, in this case, the world would get a brilliant artist.

Tom Cruise is a cook

In several interviews Tom Cruise said that he knows how and loves cooking very much. Now cooking is his hobby. If he had not started playing movie roles, he would probably have become a chef. Of course, this would not have brought him a lot of money, but probably he would have been a happy person.

John Travolta is a professional pilot

Travolta has a piloting license. He admitted that he loves flying and knows how to drive an airplane. It’s good that actor’s fees allow you to do this without problems.

Gwyneth Paltrow is passionate about foreign languages

The actress admitted that she has a great desire to learn foreign languages. Most of all she likes Spanish. She calls him the most melodious, so she likes to speak this language.