Celebrities who do not like to be photographed

Few people can easily tolerate the annoyance of the paparazzi, but if some stars are willing to tolerate it, perceiving as the «reverse side of the medal» of their celebrity, others, on the contrary, do everything possible to leave annoying photographers «holding the bag». So, let’s find out whom of the Hollywood stars is better not to try to shoot a photo – believe me, some of them are much easier to get an autograph.

Jennifer Aniston

There was a rumor among fans of the celebrity that she gave birth to a child from her new husband, Justin Theroux, and since then hordes of paparazzi just do not give her a pass. They snoot her outside of the house, on the movie set and even near of her favorite resting places.


Yes, even Jennifer is a well-mannered lady who will not be rude to annoying people, often behaving openly tactless, trying to get the desired material, but sometimes their behavior provokes her to desperate actions. As Aniston admits herself, her dislike to be photographed due to excessive importunate of paparazzi.

Megan Fox

Celebrities’ pregnancy is, perhaps, the subject of heightened interest of many paparazzi. In the case of Megan Fox, the behavior of the tabloids has crossed all imaginable boundaries. Just think Megan walked quietly with her sons but was recognized by photographers who immediately started (without asking her permission) take the photos of the actress from all angles.

After a few minutes of continuous outrages, Megan Fox falls from grace and showed the paparazzi an obscene gesture. Yes, she is not like a shy Jennifer Aniston, one should behave accordingly with the hot ladies.