Disadvantages of life in the royal family

Almost all the girls saw themselves on the place of a beautiful princess. As for the boys, they imagined themselves as the noble knights, counts and dukes, but the harsh realities are far from kid’s fairy tales. On the example of the British royal family, you can easily see how difficult is their life, and even the slightest violation of etiquette is fraught with the most serious consequences.

All follow the Queen

This principle is one of the fundamental principles in the system of the British monarchy: at secular and family events everybody should do just what the queen does. Her Majesty is sitting – everyone is sitting, the queen is up – and the surrounding people are rising after her. Decided to start a meal – everyone starts to eat, finished the dinner – for all the others, it is also over. What is most interesting, this requirement also applies to the foreigners, who have been honored with the reception of Her Majesty.

Don’t turn your back on the Queen

After you are honored to personally communicate with Her Majesty, it is necessary to wait for the moment when the queen turns away and leave you. It’s forbidden to turn your back to her first, because this is a gross violation of court etiquette, which is unforgivable not only to a random guest, but even to a member of the royal family. Even the Crown Prince has no right to do that!

Chin angle – 90 degrees

Perhaps this is one of the most stringent rules of etiquette – all members of the Royal Family should keep their chin at right angles to the ground. Yes, this requirement does not have the best effect on the beauty and showiness of a photo, and few people understand its validity. But rules are rules