Five stars who died in 2019. We’ll always remember you!

Since the beginning of 2019, many famous people passed away. One of them died from fatal diseases, and someone left us through their age, being very old.

Doris Day

The legendary singer and actress Doris Day died of pneumonia in May. She was 97. Since the beginning of her career, the talented woman recorded about 700 songs and starred in 35 films. Later she was awarded Grammy singer, Cecil B. DeMille Award and Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Luke Perry

The famous actor, who gained fame in the television series Beverly Hills, 90210, starred in over 30 movies. According to Zoomboola, in March 2019, Luke had a stroke. He could not recover from it. The famous actor passed away when he was only 52.

Karl Lagerfeld

The world-famous couturier was the main fashion designer of the Fendi and Chanel houses. He was called the King of fashion: the first ladies of many European states and famous actresses had the outfits designed by Lagerfeld. He was awarded famous Order of the Legion of Honour. Karl died from cancer when he was 85.

Chelo Alonso

Cuban by nationality, Chelo Alonso began her career in Italian cinema and managed to gain worldwide popularity. Also, Chelo was considered one of the most beautiful women in 1960s. The star of the adventurous movies passed away at the age of 85. Alas, serious disease and age-related changes were the reason for the woman’s death.

Keith Flint

The main version of the legendary The Prodigy frontman death was s suicide caused by parting with his wife. After lot of alcohol and drugs were found in the blood of a British musician. Keith Flint passed away in March, at the age of 49.