Interesting celebrity relationships, which few people know

Sometimes you look at some famous person, and immediately there is a thought: he/she reminds someone. And perhaps the reason for this lies in the fact that many celebrities have no less popular relatives.

Nicolas Cage and his cousin Sofia Coppola

The first interesting thing: Cage is not Nicholas’s real surname. That’s his alias. His real last name is Coppola. Same as the actress Sofia Coppola.

And here the question arises: are they relatives. And yes, that’s right. Sofia is Cage’s cousin.

And Nicholas had to change his surname so that the public, in general, did not have the opinion that he gained popularity thanks to the patronage of his uncle Francis, who filmed the «Godfather».

Nicolas Cage and Sofia Coppola are cousins

Guy Ritchie and Kate Middleton are distant relatives

The director of hieratical films and the British Princess are descendants of the same ancestors who lived in the XVIII th century – Sarah and David Luga. Despite the fact that the family tree began 300 years ago, Guy and Kate know about the relationship. This confirms the fact that Ritchie was present at the wedding ceremony of the future miss Middleton in 2011.

Guy Ritchie and Kate Middletone are relatives

Justin Bieber

Few people know, but Justin Bieber has at least 3 relatives who have had or are very popular now. The first one is a Canadian superstar Ryan Gosling. He is Justin’s tenth cousin. Even more interesting is the fact that popular in the middle of 2000s pop-rock singer Avril Lavigne – his eleventh cousin. But the closest by blood to Justin is Celine Dion – she is his ninth cousin.

Justin Bieber is related to Celine Dion, Avril Lavigne and Ryan Gosling