Introverted celebrities

Salma Hayek

This actress is famous for her passionate and daring roles. But according to Zoomboola, she is a very modest and shy person who’s afraid of speaking in front of an audience. She compares performing in front of a public with deadly torture. But on the film set, she manages to overcome her fear of the camera, so her acting is always up to the professional standards.

Steven Spielberg

The American filmmaker who directed many popular movies, such as War of the Worlds. He tries to avoid dinner parties, socializing with new people, and prefers not to read viewers’ comments on his films.

Blake Lively

The actress enjoys being in quiet surroundings and in the circle of her family. Other than acting, her favorite activity is cooking. Unlike her character in Gossip Girl, Blake rarely attends loud parties. That role brought the actress great fame, but it did not change her personality in the slightest.

Jessica Simpson

According to this celebrity, she’s been shy and timid since childhood. But her acting helps her overcome these qualities. In her opinion, they are flaws, and she wants to get rid of them completely.

Lady Gaga

Every single public appearance of this flamboyant singer astonishes her fans. But one of her interviews, she called herself an introvert. Perhaps her eye-catching outfits and bright makeup are just a disguise for her real self, a way to hide her inner world from everyone. According to psychologists, it is easier for her to shock the public for one reason: introverts do not care what others think about them.