Life and habits of the Royals

It is very problematic to bring up-to-date information on the habits and routine of representatives of the royal Windsor dynasty, because they almost never give interviews to journalists, but their former servants sometimes shed light on many interesting questions.

Queen Elizabeth Morning

There is a common misconception that in England the Queen is only a symbol of power. But it’s not the truth, and she is doing everything for her country with all her diligence and desire. Her Majesty works all the days of the year except Christmas. After having breakfast with classic oatmeal and toast, the queen makes the analysis of the documents submitted to her for signing in a special red briefcase, which is also a kind of symbol of the royal authority.

New Habits of the 20th Century Monarchs

In the 20th century, after the First World War, appeared the principle, that the members of the royal family can’t have the nicknames. It is difficult to say why, but the nicknames can’t be given to crowned women. And the fact that in the Middle Ages it was considered the norm (for example, Philip the Fair, Richard the Lionheart) is absolutely unacceptable now. It’s not only not possible to call them so, but even among themselves it is impossible to say such things. The requirement is relevant to all British nobles.

Husband follows wife

If in the Arabic countries the spouse must go behind the husband, then the British monarchs do exactly the opposite, because the spouse must always go (being in public) two steps behind his crowned wife. Moreover, this rule was introduced relatively recently, at the end of the last century.

Royal leisure

The best leasure activity for the Queen Elizabeth is equestrian sport. Her Majesty rides a horse perfectly, completely ignoring all safety rules – no helmets or other protective elements. And when she drives a car, she behaves in the same way, because for all the times she never even fastened the belt.