Manias of the celebrities

When you stay the whole day under the tireless attention of hundreds and thousands of cameras, and on the way home you can’t stop fighting with the annoying paparazzi, it is easy to go crazy.

The psyche of some stars could not stand it, and they developed certain abnormalities, which are commonly called mania in the medical environment. It is easy to guess that the most common for them is megalomania/ Let’s have a look at the most odious examples in details.

Kanye West

At the beginning, Kanye created the World, the sky and the Earth — with these words begins the Bible, published in 2015 by Kanye’s fans. They changed the name of God with the name of their new idol.

The musician took this joke of fans more than seriously. Because of the idolization of the fans, he imagined himself to be the Highest. A few months after the birth of the book, West had a son, and he was given the name Saint.

Although, if you look at it, Kanye had an extremely high self-esteem even up to the moment when the fans created an author’s Bible for him. It’s just the case, when the seeds simply fell on the fertile land.

In 2013, the singer recorded an album in which he called himself both God (in the song I Am God) and the son of God — the album is called Jesus. And also here should be noted a modest Kanye quote about himself: I am God. And the most significant tragedy in my life is the fact that I am deprived of the opportunity to see my own performance from the outside.


Her mania offended even some fans. She behaves very rudely with journalists and fans, and systematically late for her concerts and allows herself outrageous antics. The singer is completely convinced that she is the best, and should be not just the one and only, but just…the goddess.

Her prank at the Cannes Film Festival tells a lot, when the singer publicly took out a bottle of champagne and began to drink it, because she did not receive an award.