Rich doesn’t mean luxury

Many people used to think that rich people drive around on expensive cars and dress in luxurious brands. Yes, there are a lot of such examples. But there are people among the rich, who look very simple. And when you look at some, you get the feeling that they hardly can survive.

Keanu Reeves

It’s well-knows fact, that Keanu is not very fashionable. He chooses simply clothes, and many of those, who have met him on the street, would have passed him without even noticing. What is even more interesting, it is really possible to meet him by chance. He often walks just in the city and uses the subway.

Mark Zuckerberg

The multi-billionaire looks like he is working as a programmer in some small desktop. For sure, in his wardrobe are not so many different things, because Mark always walks in the same. However, this is typical for people with a technical mindset.

Dustin Moskowitz

This Co-founder of Facebook has a huge stake, despite the fact, that in 2008 he left the company. But he, same as Mark, chooses simple clothes. But, unlike Zuckerberg, Moskowitz prefers plaid shirts to T-shirts.

Dustin Moskowitz

Leonardo DiCaprio

He is one of the most famous actors of our time. But if on the screen his image is very bright, then in life it is quite ordinary. What for to worry about how to dress better, if you can wear simple shorts and a T-shirt and go outside. That’s rather convenient! Moreover, you can stand out from the crowd not only with luxury, but also with opposite things.