The lowest and the highest IQ amont celebrities

IQ does not always explain the success or unluckiness of a person in life. And the best confirmation of this is the presence of the World’s celebrities with both very high rates of IQ and low enough. Let’s find out who is who.

Paris Hilton

The star is a great example, which repeatedly confirmed (mainly with outrageous antics, sometimes turning into immoral behavior) the dependence of hair color and mental abilities (Paris is blonde). And she doesn’t even hide the fact that her IQ is 120.

Kourtney Kardashian

This star is also not that smart. Kourtney Kardashian IQ in different tests varies in the range of 80-90, and that’s rather weak. However, this drawback did not prevent her from earning fabulous money, about which scientists with IQ 170-180 can only dream about!

Kim Kardashian

Genetics is a strong thing that predetermines the destinies of people, so it is not surprising that no one in the family of Kardashian stars is smart. Moreover, Kim’s intellectual abilities are much lower, than those of Courtney, and even she does not even deny this.

Among the stars there can be found the owners of fairly high IQ, and this can be very well assessed from the outside. Let’s take Shakira with her 140 IQ (yes, it is not very high, but the figure is much higher than has the vast majority of celebrities).

Another vivid example of a clever actor is David Duchovny with 127 IQ. He received a prestigious education, and also he constantly improves and expands his erudition.