The Most Spoilt Children of Hollywood Stars

Birth of a child means the absolute happiness, so parents try to treat their children a lot buying them the best things. Of course starts also like their children, but very often they understand the meaning of the word “treating” and start to spoil their kids.

Suri Cruise

The title of the most spoiled Hollywood child gets Suri Cruise. According to ZoomboolaThe daughter of Tom Cruise and Kathie Holimaffords flights on a personal plane. And the amazing collection of her shoes from Christian Louboutin can make envy even any princess. Suri got used to get what she wants and she is able to make an epic scene even in a public place.

Blue Ivy Carter

In the car park of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s daughter there are already two automobiles – pink Cadillac and blue Lamborghini. Miss Carter makes friends only with children of celebrities. Since early childhood she got used to wear designer clothes which her personal stylist chooses for Ivy and her dolls.

North West

Daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West is a star even because of just being born. The daughter inherited not only her mother’s passion for luxury, but also her cranky arrogant character. In her age she can already confront with paparazzi and in a rather rude way remind the servants their position.

Maximilian and Emma Anthony

The first toys of Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez’s kids were rattles decorated with diamonds. Their godfather Tom Cruise presented these unique toys to children. Jennifer often states that she doesn’t spoil her children and wants them to succeed without parents’ help. But the singer’s behavior is inconsistent with her words. Jennifer is susceptible to all whims of her children.