The stars who have chosen younger men

Forget about stereotypes — women also want partners, younger than they are. For some of them, age is not at all a matter to focus on. Who of the famous ladies allowed herself a younger boyfriend?

Heidi Klum

This popular model married a rock musician Tom Kaulitz. She is 45, he is 29, but lovers do not even think about 16 years’ difference and don’t even notice it. This couple is sure that you need to live for your own pleasure, and not look back on public opinion.


The queen of pop music has special status, and can have man, younger than she. Let’s appreciate the choice of singer, because her man can make any woman be jealous. The model Kevin Sampaio who collaborates with the world-famous brands, easily attracts anyone with her beauty and charisma. Despite the fact that she is only 60, and he is already 33, Madonna and Kevin explain their union by sincere feelings.

Monica Bellucci

The choice of the star became a French artist and gallery owner.

Nicolas Lefevre is a man who is younger than she for 18 years, but he is no less successful and famous (in certain circles). As the actress admits, her chosen one devotes a lot of time to self-realization. In fact, he is the same as she, so the couple appreciates the days they can spend together and strive to get the most pleasure!

Pamela Anderson

Playboy star is dating with the French national football team defender Adil Rami — an athlete younger than the star of the Malibu Rescuers for 28 years, but the couple look very harmonious and, as the lovers themselves say, they experience incredible happiness in relationships!