Tom Cruise: His All Women and Wives

The actor had many girlfriends and he had been married three times. Today we’ll tell a bit about each female companion of the Hollywood actor.

His first girlfriend’s name was Heather Locklear. They both wanted to appear in the serial “Dallas”. And only Heather was accepted, so in a few datings the couple broke up.

Then the actor started to date with Rebecca De Mornay. They met each other while working on the film “Risky Business”. Soon they started to live together, but in two years also broke up.

One more famous beloved lady of the actor was the singer Sher. Cruise was 16 years younger, maybe that’s why their romance wasn’t long.

As Zoomboola says, for the first time Tom got married in 1987. His choice was the actress Mimi Rogers whom you can know from the serial “Paper Dolls”. The couple lived together for 3 years and divorced then. Their breaking was calm, without any scandals.

Perhaps, their family could be stronger, if the actor wouldn’t meet Nicole Kidman. They played a couple in love in “Days of Thunder” movie.

Their cinema romance became a pretty real one and in some time the couple got married. Nicole couldn’t have children, so they adopted a child, their daughter Isabella. And in 3 years they also started to care about their son – Connor Anthony.

In 12 years of happy life together they also applied for a divorce. The reason was Tom’s romance with Penelope Cruz. They started relations due to the film “Vanilla Sky”. They had been dating for three years, but it didn’t come to marriage.

During one of the parties then the actor met a not very famous by that time Kathy Holmes. Tom had a bad experience of family relationships, so he wasn’t in a hurry to offer this girl marriage. Soon the couple’s illegitimate daughter called Suri appeared. It pushed Tom to build a family, but in 2012 he also had a divorce.

The actor had been married for 3 times. And in each his divorce there was a small blame of Tom’s interests to Scientology studies.